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Plan Projects Like Albert Einstein!

As we've learned from projects like, Agile isn't always the best method to follow for software development. If we look at its strengths and weaknesses, Agile is not especially well-suited in its pure form for projects with fixed deadlines and fixed scope. It also exhibits limitations in complex projects which require strong integration testing.  So there are other methodologies and techniques which can be used standalone or combined with Agile when trying to meet project criteria.  Let’s take a look at one that is not restricted to the software world, but can be used in virtually any industry.

Albert Einstein said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes understanding the problem and 5 minutes solving it.  Suppose we applied that type of ratio to project planning and execution? Some might label it “Extreme Planning”.  Try spending longer in planning, understanding the product or solution you are trying...

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PM Tip, Week of 13 October 2019

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Finishing up Risk Assessment Framework: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty this week ... launch date soon!

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PM Tip, Week of 29 September 2019

Another tip from my new book, Risk Assessment Framework: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty, with publication planned for November. Watch for more details in October.

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Managing Risks of Fixed Costs

Last week we looked at fixed schedule, so its only natural to want to look at fixed costs too. Or perhaps I should more precisely say "fixed price" since fixed costs have a connotation of overhead. And there's a further clarification to make as well (finances are so much more complex than schedule and time) -- we're talking about risk to the seller. Many buyers like fixed prices since they know exactly what their budget will be, but its the seller who has to manage most, if not all, of the risk.
Now with the clarifications aside, here's my top 5 list:
1. Well defined scope and specifications: Having a well defined project scope and necessary specifications will make it easier to manage and estimate. Uncertainty leads to errors.
2. Diligently completed estimates: if there was ever a time to be cautious in estimating, this is it. Obviously you're not going to be able to "sandbag", but a carefully thought out and documented estimate provides a solid basis for success. Be...
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PM Tip, Week of 15 September 2019

From Risk Assessment Framework: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty. Look for news of publication in late October, early November.
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