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Creating Project Templates project integration management Jan 01, 2017

This week someone emailed me and asked me how I create templates for my pre-written software (PeopleSoft, Clarify, Siebel, INFORM, etc.) engagements, so I thought I would share the thinking and one of its products this week. First, let’s look at why I create them.

Effective consultants have...

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Project Management and Joint Accountability Sep 13, 2013

The Oz Principle was initially released around 1994, but the authors (Craig Hickman, Tom Smith, and Roger Connors) felt an update was required in 2004 and also have a few sequel works that are much newer (Journey to the Emerald City, How Did That Happen?).  These books build on their...

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Transition and Succession Planning for Project Managers resource management Jun 30, 2013

You arrive at work on Monday morning and find that your key software engineer did not show up.  You subsequently learn that he was arrested over the weekend for tax evasion for the past eight years.  The week is tense, and you hope you will get your key engineer back – after all,...

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