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Making Ethical Decisions in Challenging Project Situations ethics project integration management Oct 15, 2023

Ethical dilemmas frequently arise in project management, demanding conscientious decision-making. Ethical dilemmas involve making difficult choices when each choice violates a moral principle. These scenarios, often marked by conflicts of interest, competing stakeholder needs, tight budgets, communication challenges, and complex legal and regulatory landscapes, highlight the critical role of...

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7 Reasons to Become CAPM® Certified ethics project integration management Jun 14, 2020

If you are an aspiring, new, or accidental project manager, a small investment in your career and certification can have a significant impact going forward.  While the PMP® certification can take a minimum of three years to earn, CAPM certification requirements include a high school diploma (or better) and 23 hours of project management training. Many are unaware that they meet these...

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5 Tips Toward More Ethical Project Management ethics project integration management May 19, 2019

Projects conducted with higher ethical standards have less risk and are usually more successful. Here are five tips to improve your ethics as a project manager:

  1. Be a model of ethical behavior - lead by example: As others observe your actions, they will adopt more ethical practices.
  2. Focus on issues, not people: Stress can cause unethical behaviors and a culture of blame causes stress.
  3. Disclose...
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