7 Reasons to Become CAPM® Certified

ethics project integration management Jun 14, 2020
7 Reasons to Become CAPM® Certified

If you are an aspiring, new, or accidental project manager, a small investment in your career and certification can have a significant impact going forward.  While the PMP® certification can take a minimum of three years to earn, CAPM certification requirements include a high school diploma (or better) and 23 hours of project management training. Many are unaware that they meet these requirements.

While that 23 hours may be satisfied by taking a CAPM® Exam Prep course, we recommend that you enroll in an actual project management course in addition to exam prep.  That way, you will learn more about project management and not just enough to pass an exam. Your preparation will also help you complete the training requirement for the PMP Exam.  Once you have the work experience and feel confident you can pass the test, you will be ready for the next step.

Here are seven reasons you should consider becoming CAPM certified:

  1. You establish credibility. Being able to speak the language of any profession is an essential first step.  Passing the CAPM exam tells the world you are ready to understand project management.
  2. You demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics. As a CAPM certification holder, you commit to adhere to PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  3. Improve your career opportunities. If there is a tight job market, certification can give you an edge over other candidates.  In other circumstances, you have demonstrated a commitment to your career and open doors to different roles as a consultant, a business analyst, and more.
  4. Increase your salary. Certification can often boost pay – maybe not today, but throughout your career.  Your lifetime earnings may be as high as 25% more.
  5. You are on your way to advanced certification. Having your CAPM certification means you have fulfilled some of the requirements for the PMP certification.  Again, you demonstrate a commitment to your career path.
  6. It has never been easier. PMI has made it easier by simplifying the qualifications to take the exam, streamlining the application process, and allowing an online, proctored exam.
  7. A small investment leads to immense returns. A $75 discount on the test, access to digital copies of all PMI standards, and access to hundreds of webinars, templates, and more content offsets your $139 first time membership fee.

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