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Learn more about project management through our answers to frequently asked questions.

Question: What is the #1 thing accidental project managers want most in their personal lives?

Response: Work-life balance.  They sometimes feel overwhelmed by their new responsibilities.  Our Accidental Project Manager books and courses will help them become better project managers on their own schedule and at their own pace, and in the learning mode (e.g., online, reading, classroom) that works best for them.

Question:  What are five positive things that would motivate project managers to take action right now when it comes to project management?


  1. An opportunity to learn specific technical skills
  2. An opportunity to be better leaders and be recognized as a leader by the team and their manager
  3. Gain the ability to get team and sponsor buy-in to the project plans they have worked hard on
  4. They can get a certification as many PM jobs require them
  5. An opportunity to learn to be more detailed oriented in planning

Question: What is the biggest roadblock to success for an accidental project manager?

Response: Their own lack of skill and knowledge.  We specialize in helping aspiring, new, and accidental project managers easily build skill and knowledge through our publications and courses.

Question: What are the 5 questions accidental project managers most frequently ask about project management?


  1. How to get into project management as a career?
  2. How to get a project management certification?
  3. How can they be expected to manage projects without authority? Check out our Blog article: 5 Tips for Leaders to Motivate Their Teams
  4. What will be expected of them?
  5. What are the meanings of specific terms and the way to handle various situations as they arise? Check out our product: PM Framework Micro Guide and our other publications.