5 Tips to Master Expectancy Theory to Improve Leadership

resource management May 31, 2020
5 Tips to Master Expectancy Theory to Improve Leadership

Expectancy theory tells us that people are motivated to choose their actions by examining the result and expected outcomes of each behavior. In other words, people will gravitate toward the results they perceive as most desirable and use rational thinking in decision-making.  Use these tips to use expectancy theory to the advantage of your project:

  1. Know the wants and desires of the team to develop small rewards (e.g., provide some training for someone that really wants it after they complete a task).
  2. Be sure perceived rewards do not include negative consequences.  A promotion also accompanied by a transfer to an undesirable location will, in general, not be sought after.
  3. Task difficulty and confidence in completing it is important. Be sure assignments are reasonable and provide additional support if the team member is not confident.  Always express confidence in team members assigned to tasks.
  4. Technology tools and other related changes will be accepted if there is a perceived benefit. Selling the benefits will go further than making a mandate. Be sure any provided tools and other supports are easy to use.
  5. As always, express gratitude to the team for their contributions.

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