5-Step Roadmap to the PMP® for Highly Experienced PMs

project integration management Feb 02, 2020
5-Step Roadmap to the PMP® for Highly Experienced PMs

You have accrued far more than the required three years of experience, have taken some classes in project management, and just learned about the PMP® certification. This is the same roadmap I followed in 2001 and passed on the first attempt. It's inexpensive and you can "opt-out" at any step to pursue more learning if necessary, before investing too much time.

  1. Check eligibility. Download the Certification Handbook from PMI.org and check all requirements. If you meet them, apply for the exam and "start the clock".
  2. Get access to a prep book with practice questions per chapter. Go through the book, answer the questions, and compute the percent score.
  3. Study chapters with scores below 75-80%. Study and retake the practice questions until you score in the 75-80% range. Brush up on test-taking skills.
  4. Skim the PMBOK® Guide. Know the processes and how they fit the knowledge areas and process groups. Learn as many inputs and outputs as you can.
  5. Take some practice exams. There are some free, quality tests available. When you can regularly score between 75-80%, schedule the exam. While the passing "bar" for the test is movable, scoring in this range assures you will rise above it.

See also 5-Step Roadmap for a Career as a Leader if you are an aspiring, new, or accidental project manager.

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