5-Step Roadmap to a Career as a Leader

project integration management Jan 26, 2020
5-Step Roadmap to a Career as a Leader

Seeking a leadership career? Embarking on a career in Project Management and earning a PMP® is a good path PMs typically earn more than "experts," and PMPs typically earn more than non-PMPs. The skills you learn will benefit any future management positions. You can wait to become an "accidental" PM or be proactive and follow this high-level roadmap:

  1. Gain minimal knowledge. Learn the vocabulary and basics of PM. Take a basic training course, such as https://accidentalpm.online/accidentalpm, to see if this is a career for you.
  2. Discuss with your manager. You will need their support in getting the opportunity for the experience you will need to be eligible for the PMP, and finding the right training for continuous learning. You may start as assistant PM, project coordinator/administrator, or similar entry role.
  3. With experience, consider taking the CAPM® certification exam. It will demonstrate your ongoing commitment to learning about the profession.
  4. Still committed to moving forward? Download the PMP Certification handbook to find the work experiences you will need to qualify for the exam. Seek future experiences through project and certification requirements.
  5. When you have achieved all the requirements (typically 3-6 years) and believe you have the knowledge, consider reviewing for and taking the PMP Exam.

Keep in mind there are no short cuts. The PMP is a 3-6 year commitment. Falsifying experience could result in having your credential removed and being banned from applying again.

If you are an experienced project manager, please see 5-Step Roadmap for PMPs and Highly Experienced Project Managers.

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