5 Essential Tools for Project Schedule Control

risk management schedule management Apr 12, 2020
5 Essential Tools for Project Schedule Control

These can assist you to keep a project on schedule:

  1. Ask for "as soon as possible," rather than set a deadline.
  2. Never say, "I don't have time." According to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, it is the same as saying, "I don't want to." Better: "I can fit it in next week, would that work?"
  3. If falling behind, carefully consider:
    • Can I start some tasks earlier or eliminate unnecessary tasks?
    • Will the events that got us here continue to cause issues?
    • Are there larger tasks that can be split, crashed, or fast-tracked?
  4. If getting ahead, carefully consider:
    • Are there negative implications of an early project finish?
    • Can we begin tasks with less confident estimates and risks earlier?
    • Can value-added work be performed (e.g., improve the project management processes, tools, and test cases)?
  5. Evaluate the impact of risks and add a time contingency to the schedule.


See also 6 Essential Tools for Project Financial Control.


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