You Know You are a "Knighted" Project Manager When ...

project integration management Sep 06, 2020
You Know You are a

With the widespread recognition of project management as a valuable organizational core competency, the current economic climate, and the continued challenges of doing more with less, I continue to observe more and more project managers that have been bestowed the title (either by themselves, by the work they do, or by their managers) without the proper support and training to truly fulfill the role in a way that will help them and their organizations succeed.

Here are the top 10 ways you might determine if you are an accidental project manager:

10. You feel you are spending more times in meetings than doing anything else
  9.  You don’t know what PMP® or CAPM® stand for
  8.  You believe the primary responsibility of the project manager is to produce Gantt charts
  7.  You believe senior executives will read your Gantt charts
  6.  You have a copy of the MS Project documentation, but not a PMBOK® Guide (or you have a PMBOK Guide, but have never opened or don't understand it)
  5.  You have trouble balancing your checkbook let alone a budget
  4.  You believe that “managing by influence” includes financial payments
  3.  Your status reports contain nothing but issues
  2.  You don’t know that there are ANSI and ISO standard for the practice of project management
  1.  You aren’t aware there is an organization with more than a million stakeholders serving an estimated market expected to grow to 50M project management practitioners worldwide

If more than 2 or 3 of the above apply to you, please come back and visit this blog frequently!

Didn't even get an MS Project book when you were knighted?  Did you know we also have a free MS Project Course available on our YouTube Channel?  You can access the videos via this playlist.

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