4 Ways to Respect Your Client and Their Deliverables

May 17, 2020

Always foster good relationships with the client and the team, and remember that the client has the final acceptance of deliverables. If you are practicing Agile, the client will also be a part of the team. Here are four ways you can use to demonstrate respect for your client.

  1. Respect the client's time. Conduct efficient meetings, starting with agendas, and ending with action items and decisions. Provide material for client review or acceptance in advance.
  2. Respect the client's wishes for deliverables. You and the team may believe you have the greatest new widget. Without approval of the work by the client, respect their priorities. Be sure the idea goes through an appropriate change control process.
  3. Always assess risks. New or unproven technologies, resource availability, the project environment, and your project methodology will introduce risks. Take the time to perform a thorough identification and analysis to respect the client, their time, and deliverables.
  4. Deliver a quality product or service. The deliverables should meet all requirements, be fit for use, and meet all promises. Don't let mistakes and quality issues be found after project closeout.