Understanding 3 Important Project Roles

project integration management Apr 05, 2020
Understanding 3 Important Project Roles

Project managers, coordinators, and administrators are three distinct roles that often get blurred within an organization. It is important to understand the distinctions:

1. Project Manager (PM): Ultimately responsible and accountable for all aspects of a project and its successful delivery, including planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing, or some component of these in the event there are multiple PMs. Project managers may delegate, however, retain responsibility and accountability for the outcomes.

2. Project Coordinator (PC): Typically works under the direction of a manager or PM. They may perform certain aspects of project management, such as overseeing schedules, performing routine tasks, and communicating with clients. Functional managers may perform many typical project management tasks, such as scheduling and budgeting. Responsibility and accountability for project outcomes are mostly absent.

3. Project Administrator (PA): Assists with project management activities and duties such as placing orders, preparing reports or communications, and making appointments. A project administrator typically works under the direction of a PM or PC.


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