5 Tips Toward More Ethical Project Management

ethics project integration management May 19, 2019
5 Tips Toward More Ethical Project Management

Projects conducted with higher ethical standards have less risk and are usually more successful. Here are five tips to improve your ethics as a project manager:

  1. Be a model of ethical behavior - lead by example: As others observe your actions, they will adopt more ethical practices.
  2. Focus on issues, not people: Stress can cause unethical behaviors and a culture of blame causes stress.
  3. Disclose conflicts of interest: Whether it be team hiring, choosing suppliers, or other decisions, always disclose any relationships that may cause appearance of favoritism, nepotism, or other lapses of judgment.
  4. Build consensus: Getting buy-in and making fewer unilateral choices will help decisions to be seen as more ethical.
  5. Find alternatives: When asked to cut corners, under- or over-report, or to take actions that exhibit questionable ethics, don't view the situation as black and white. Think about alternatives and compromises you might offer.

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