6 Tips to Improve Your Projects

schedule management scope management Jul 14, 2019
6 Tips to Improve Your Projects

These tips are from Pursuing Project Excellence: Six Ideas to Improve Your Projects by Bob Jewell, PMP (with permission).

  1. Define the word "scope" carefully. It is "the ... work to accomplish the ... deliverables (product, service, or other results) to the agreed-upon requirements."
  2. Get clear requirements. "Assign each of the project's deliverables to a team member and give them the responsibility to [elicit] and manage requirements."
  3. Don't rely too much on the critical path. Without accurate sequencing, estimates, and resources the critical path may be misidentified.
  4. Never build a schedule backwards. The end date is most likely not real, so determine what it really takes first.
  5. Gantt charts are optional. Develop an Activity on Node diagram first. "... when you create it with sticky notes in a room full of engaged project team members, you'll have greater ownership ... trade-off fancy visuals for engagement and ownership ..."
  6. Don't fumble on delivery. "Whatever you do, make sure the handoff ... is smooth, which guarantees a satisfied customer."

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