6 Tips to Improve Project Decision Making

project integration management risk management Apr 26, 2020
6 Tips to Improve Project Decision Making

Decision making is a skill we need to apply to weigh the pros and cons of alternatives and choose the best path forward.  Bad decisions contribute to project risks and can put a team into firefighting mode, correcting wrong decisions after bad choices.  Here are six tips to improve your project and other decision-making efforts.

  1. Treat decision making as a process. There are many existing processes to consider.
  2. Find the right number of alternatives - not too few, not too many. Three to five is usually the best.
  3. Remember that "do nothing" and "postpone the decision" are always alternatives.
  4. Don't get caught in "analysis paralysis" - set a decision deadline and don't expect perfection.
  5. Consider the ethical nature of your decision - "do no harm."
  6. Memorialize your decision in project plans (a RAID log may be the right place) and follow up for continuous improvement.

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