5 Tips to Assure Successful Risk Management

risk management Dec 29, 2019
5 Tips to Assure Successful Risk Management

Following these five tips will go a long way in assuring successful project delivery.

  1. Rather than skip risk management, scale and tailor a process to your project needs. Completing the exercise will help you more easily identify responses when unidentified risks occur later in the project.
  2. Document your process in a robust risk management plan. Frequently this document, once completed, is reusable and updateable, so there is no need to start from scratch on the next project.
  3. Focus on opportunities as well as threats. A well-identified opportunity can help make up for any planning or other weaknesses.
  4. Don't worry if there are many identified risks. Always focus on the highest priority affecting current work, usually only 5-10.
  5. Follow processes for analysis and risk response planning. A process will help avoid bias and groupthink, achieving better outcomes.


Do you have a risk profile for your organization?  If not, please see 4 Critical Terms for Determining a Risk Profile.


Want to learn more about how to integrate these practices into a project methodology?  Check out our Micro Guide to the PROJECT Methodology.

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