Happy Passover and Happy Easter - 5 Tips for Spring

project integration management Apr 21, 2019
5 Tips for Spring

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to family, friends, and colleagues around the world who are celebrating. Easter, in addition to being a religious holiday, is also a marker of the start of Spring (celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring). Here are 5 tips for project managers in the Spring:

  1. Review your annual personal and project goals (hopefully set months before) and renew your commitment to them.
  2. Review your project management continuous improvement goals and renew your commitment to them.
  3. Hold a lessons learned meeting for projects that haven't had one in a while - no need to wait until project closeout. Take steps to integrate them into practice.
  4. Clear your workspace of clutter and review your approach to time management.
  5. Take time out for some extra acknowledgment of your project teams.

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