5 Tips for Leaders to Improve Time Management

resource management Nov 24, 2019
5 Tips for Leaders to Improve Time Management

"To say 'I don't have time' is like saying 'I don't want to'" - Lau-Tzu

Set a good example for the team by effectively managing your own time with these five tips:

  1. Instead of a "to do" list, create a prioritized list of major goals and steps for the year and month. This means you will need a personal, strategic plan. Have a "value-added" list for tasks to be done with discretionary or waiting time. 
  2. Block out daily, flexible hours to allow work on these goals and steps. If you must stop to switch focus, create a short "memory jogger" list so you know where to pick up. 3
  3. Do not check email until completing the daily most important priorities. For those that can be done quickly, act immediately. Note or mark those needing future time blocks. Then, check emails only between time blocks or with discretionary/waiting time.
  4. Be punctual to all meetings and appointments.
  5. Rather than say "I don't have time", try:
    • I will be able to get to it at <time>. Is that OK?
    • Would it be OK to do <alternative> instead?
    • Let me get back to you at <time>.
    • May I delegate this to <name>?

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