5 Tips for Improving Your PM Leadership

project integration management resource management Nov 10, 2019
5 Tips for Improving Your PM Leadership

Improving your leadership skills will help you, as well as the team, grow and advance in your careers.

  1. Coach and mentor, rather than direct. Give trust to the team to get the job done, remove obstacles for them, and empower them to solve problems.
  2. Create a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Eliminate silos, share knowledge, and collaborate.
  3. Identify growth paths for all on your team. Get to know their career needs through one-on-one meetings and help them to meet their goals.
  4. Reward achievement through collaboration, not just achievement. On projects, the means are as important as the ends.
  5. Delegate more. Push decision making to the lowest levels to build team capacity for problem-solving and accountability.

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