5 Tips for Highly Effective Agile Sprint Planning

project integration management schedule management Feb 17, 2019
5 Tips for Highle Effective Agile Sprint Planning

Most Agile projects consist of one or more sprints. The Agile project manager can play an important role in aiding sprint planning. Here are 5 tips to be sure each sprint is as effective as possible.

  1. Begin with the end in mind: work with the business or product owner to set a theme or goal for each sprint to keep the team focused.
  2. Carefully prioritize: be sure every story for the sprint contributes value Check any previous estimates to make sure they are still valid.
  3. Perform a further break down: develop more detailed tasks for each story. Don't forget to include any other tasks such as configuration management and testing.
  4. Define done: this should go without saying for any Agile project, but is especially important for higher performance.
  5. Set task due dates: Be sure to include all tasks including testing and leave some contingency for overhead and fixing defects. Monitor tasks to be sure the due dates are met and remove any obstacles.

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