6 Tips for Effortless Execution

project integration management resource management scope management stakeholder management Jan 12, 2020
6 Tips for Effortless Execution

The execution phase of a project, while not immune to issues, can be as effortless as possible if you follow these principles:

  1. Do the right amount of planning: too little and things "fall through the cracks", too much planning risks "analysis paralysis".
  2. Get the right team: people that want to do the work, have the skills and have a supportive network.
  3. Exercise key soft skills: delegation, follow up, give feedback, acknowledgment, hold people accountable
  4. Be a good coach and mentor for the team: be a leader the team will follow.
  5. Be proactive, rather than reactive: avoid getting into "firefighting" mode.
  6. Manage stakeholder engagement: always be sure stakeholders are getting the information and results they need.


Want to learn more about how to integrate these practices into a project methodology?  Check out our Micro Guide to the PROJECT Methodology.

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