Take Your Meetings From Good to GREAT

communications management Aug 18, 2019
Take Your Meetings From Good to GREAT

They say that 90% of project work is about communications in some form. Others have estimated that meetings can take up around 50% of project communications time. So, make a commitment to follow these five steps to take your meetings from good to GREAT:

Goals: Pre-plan the meeting and determine what goals must be met to achieve meeting success.

Right people: Determine the right set of people to meet the goals and be sure they are invited.

Effective: Keep the meeting focused and assign a scribe to note key decisions and actions without any political "spin"; deliver to all within a day or two of the meeting.

Agenda: As part of pre-planning, develop an agenda and deliver it and any necessary materials to read at least 3-5 days in advance.

Timed: Assign a timekeeper to help keep the meeting on track; ensure decisions are being made and documented.

Having a GREAT meeting ensures everyone is engaged, time is effectively used, and communications are clear.

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