7 Questions to Prompt Attention to Risk Management

risk management May 05, 2019
7 Questions to Prompt Attention to Risk Management

According to PMI's 2017 Pulse of the Profession Report, only 28% of project managers always use risk management processes, with 14% rarely or never using them. Often this is because project sponsors and senior management don't see the value of the process. They feel it is a waste of time and encourage the project manager to skip best practices. Here are seven questions the project manager may pose to the project sponsor, client, and senior management in an attempt to turn around their thinking:

  1. What are the consequences if this project doesn't succeed?
  2. Are we able to spare half of a day to assure project success?
  3. How do the stakeholders feel about risks and the project?
  4. Are there any threats or opportunities we should be aware of as we start the project?
  5. Are we certain the project scope is well understood and all assumptions have been identified?
  6. If we don't use a risk management process, how will we identify the appropriate contingencies for the budget and schedule?
  7. Are there any cultural or business issues within the organization that could affect the success of the project?

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