Project Execution Checklist: Time for Leadership

project integration management resource management Dec 08, 2019
Project Execution Checklist: Time for Leadership

Does the team put together the perfect plan with your facilitation? Even so, project execution is more than just checking progress and writing status reports. Here is where your leadership is most needed. These are some items for a project execution checklist to ensure you are leading:

  • Manage team conflict. Stop negative conflict quickly and encourage collaboration for positive conflict (i.e. disagreements and discussions).
  • Monitor for new risks and issues, as well as new communications needs, not covered by the communications plan.
  • Lead problem solving and decision making, especially when plan corrective action is required. Help find optimal solutions.
  • Seek future opportunities for the team. Engage those with free time to work on value-added tasks.
  • Coach, mentor, and develop the team throughout.
  • Manage time and meetings to keep the team focused.

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