Less Inspection, More Prevention

quality management Aug 25, 2019
Less Inspection, More Prevention

If we look at the five levels of effective quality management, it's easy to see that proactive (taking preventative measures) is the least expensive way to go.  If clients find problems, or we find the problems just before the project goes to the customer, there is a cost to repair issues, as well as the possibility of other losses, such as loss of reputation or the client.  A solid risk management process can inform the quality process, and problems can be prevented before they happen.

The five levels of effective quality management are:

  • Customer/end-user finds the defects
  • Defects detected and corrected
  • Correct the process leading to defects
  • Quality incorporated into planning and design
  • Cultural change

and the three main categories of quality cost are:

  • prevention
  • inspection
  • failure

[This article was originally published 10 December 2017]

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