Leaders: Do the Right Thing!

project integration management Jan 05, 2020
Leaders: Do the Right Thing!

Always do the right thing. It demonstrates integrity and ethics. You want to be known for this type of behavior - it builds trust, makes it easier for you to lead and negotiate, and creates project success.

What is the "right thing"? Here are some examples:

  • When requesting an initial project budget, don't guess. Use your best estimating skills to get it right so the organization doesn't suffer when your project has encumbered too many financial resources or the team doesn't suffer from an insufficient budget.
  • Don't pad budgets or timelines. Use your best risk management skills to compute a contingency reserve, rather than guess.
  • Keep status and other reporting factual. No need for spin or to under-or over-play issues.
  • Follow a sound decision-making process. Making better decisions will reduce the need for firefighting and produce the best outcomes.
  • When things go wrong, don't blame others. Own your own mistakes and help others own theirs. Discuss the issues, not the people, and plan to do better next time.

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