The Importance of Macro (Organizational) Change

scope management Dec 22, 2019
The Importance of Macro (Organizational) Change

A project management fable: A payroll improvement project was presented to an organization as a fait accompli. Only senior management had input into the selection and decision making for the project. Rather than allow the project manager to focus on the project, the project sponsor assigned him to track software bugs.

When it came time to roll out training to the thousands affected by the project, the training times were set for when project resources were available, not when those needing trainings were available. Because the system was being changed even during the rollout, the training screenshots did not match most of the actual screens.

The results? Payroll cycles took longer than ever. The support team was unable to keep up with user needs. Other projects suffered and it took more than a year to get the payroll issues straightened out.

Moral: It's not just about user input and good requirements, but about making a macro-level change to the organization through communication, involvement, and empowerment. You will not fail if everyone is working with you, rather than against you.

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