How to Conduct Lessons Learned in Project Management

project integration management technical Feb 05, 2023
How to Conduct Lessons Learned in Project Management

"Lessons learned" is a crucial part of project management that involves reflecting on a project's successes and challenges to identify areas for improvement in future projects. By taking the time to conduct a lessons-learned review, project managers can improve their own skills and knowledge and enhance their teams' efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some steps to follow when conducting lessons learned in project management:

  1. Involve the right people: Getting a wide range of perspectives is essential when conducting a lessons-learned review. This can include input from team members and stakeholders who were directly involved in the project and those who were not directly involved but may have valuable insights.
  2. Identify the project's successes and challenges: Take time to reflect on the project and identify the team's significant achievements and challenges. This can include meeting project deadlines, managing scope and resources, and handling any issues. If a new method was used for the project, consider if it should be repeated for future projects.
  3. Analyze the root causes of challenges: Once you've identified the key challenges faced during the project, you must delve deeper and analyze the root causes of those challenges. This will help you understand what went wrong and why, so you can develop strategies to prevent similar issues from occurring.
  4. Develop recommendations for improvement: Based on your analysis of the root causes of challenges, develop a list of suggestions for improvement. These might include changes to project processes, tools and techniques, or team dynamics.
  5. Communicate the lessons learned: Once you've gathered input, identified successes and challenges, and developed recommendations for improvement, it's essential to share the lessons learned with the rest of the team. This can be done through a presentation, a report, or a discussion at a team meeting. Lessons learned should also be shared with management for other organizational projects.
  6. Implement the recommendations: The final step in conducting lessons learned is to put the recommendations into action. This may involve changing project processes or tools, training team members on new techniques, or implementing new systems or technologies.
  7. Keep doing lessons learned: By repeating these steps at the end of every project, your team, and possibly your organization, will achieve continuous improvement.

Conducting lessons learned is a valuable exercise that can help project managers improve their skills and knowledge and enhance their teams' efficiency and effectiveness. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are learning from your past experiences and using that knowledge to create a better future for your projects.


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