5 Essential Items to Complete for Project Closeout

May 10, 2020

Project closing is a critical time for the project manager. For most projects, how the project manager is remembered is shaped by what happens at this point. Wise project managers know that a successful project closure creates opportunities for new and more challenging projects. Here are five essential items to consider:

  1. Meet with the client to demonstrate the product and highlight the functionality and any apparent benefits.
  2. If any benefits were not realized, document recommendations for achieving all project promises.
  3. Transfer all needed and contracted for items to the client:
    • Thoroughly tested product with lists of known issues and workarounds
    • Final documents (e.g., requirements, designs, training materials, test results)
    • Operational information (e.g., roles, user names, and passwords for software)
  1. Financially close the project (e.g., pay bills, submit defective materials for refunds, compute final budget variance).
  2. Provide responsive support for the first few weeks of operation and until closure is 100% achieved.