3 Basic Requirements Types PMs Should Know

scope management May 26, 2019
3 Basic Requirements Types PMs Should Know

Getting the right requirements are important for project success. Whether you are in a dual role or collaborating with a business analyst, project managers should make sure all their projects include, at a minimum, these three basic types of requirements:

  1. Business requirements usually represent the rationale - high-level goals and objectives - for undertaking a project. These should include the key benefits anticipated from a successful project. Often business requirements can be found in the business case or project charter, or through a discussion with the project sponsor or senior executives.
  2. Functional requirements provide details of the features and functions that the solution (product, service, or other results -aka the project) must possess to meet stakeholder needs. These requirements can only be obtained through careful elicitation and clearly written documentation.
  3. Nonfunctional requirements define performance and quality expectations as well as any constraints or other properties of the functional requirements.


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