5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Project Manager

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5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Project Manager

Maybe you’re a recent graduate who's interested in becoming a project manager, or perhaps you already have a few years of work experience under your belt, and you’re curious about transitioning into this type of role. But the path to landing a project management position isn’t always clear. By utilizing resources from PPC Group, you can learn all about the ins and outs of project management! Here’s how to master the necessary skills, polish your resume, nail your first interviews, and more.

What is a Project Manager?

First, it’s important to define exactly what a project manager does. Project managers work in many different fields, from construction to consulting to marketing. But no matter the industry, Teamwork states that a project manager is responsible for overseeing the planning, execution, and delivery of numerous projects within their company. They need to liaise with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that every aspect of the project is completed according to agreed-upon standards. They also have to be prepared to tweak project plans and budgets as needed.

Master Essential Skills

With all of this in mind, what skills should every project manager possess? You’ll need to be competent in a wide range of soft and hard skills. BetterUp states that a project manager should be capable of negotiating, managing common technical programs in their industry, writing, organizing others, delegating, and managing budgets.

Update Your Resume

Before you start job hunting, you’ll want to update your resume with any work experience and key skills that will help you stand out amongst other candidates competing for project management roles. Check out a few job descriptions for project management roles, and note which keywords pop up again and again - those are the words you’ll want to include on your resume if possible! If you need a simple template for your resume, this may help.

Additionally, it never hurts to pass along your resume to a friend just to get a second opinion, especially if they work in human resources or project management. They can give you expert advice to ensure that your resume is top-notch.

Land Your First Job

You’ve revised your resume, you’ve written up a cover letter, and now, you’re ready to start applying for jobs. When you schedule your first interview, it’s best to start preparing your answers to likely questions as soon as possible. But what can you expect the interviewer to ask? Be ready to discuss your opinions on the most important competencies for project managers, describe your personal communication style and team management style, your experiences dealing with challenges at work, and how you’ve dealt with professional mistakes in the past.

Getting Promoted

You might be curious about your potential career trajectory after you receive an offer for your first project management job. Depending on your performance at work, and your passion for this career, you can become a program manager, a director of project management, or even a Chief Operating Officer in the long run! It can take years to gain this level of experience, but as a project manager, you can enjoy a very bright professional future.

Furthermore, you can earn your project management professional certification, which will establish you as a PMP. This can open up more opportunities and increase your earnings.

Project management is a great career path with lots of room for upward advancement. Furthermore, your skills and experience will be transferable across almost every industry! By following these tips, you’ll be ready to spruce up your resume, get your very first project management job, and earn promotions down the line.

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