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  • Hasan
  • Prakash

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Chat Transcript

00:38:21    Ray Frohnhoefer:    [email protected]
00:46:54    Deasún:    Great to see this new book.  How much "overlap" is in it compared with your previous books?
00:47:20    Lalita:    Hi Ray,  First of all thank you for the course. It is very promising for not only current project managers but also for those like me who wish to actually accidentally become Project managers somehow.
00:47:24    Inas:    Thank you Ray for your efforts and gifts. How much I can rely on the books for the PMP exam preparations
00:48:26    Lalita:    My question is about the course you had previously mentioned for taking the CAPM exam. When can we expect that to be released?
00:53:05    Hasan:    Thank you, Ray, for your supports. I applied for the course and appreciate your generosity as I could participate in the course, it was great and helpful for me. My question is about the future of project management and the changes Covid 19 makes on everything.
00:53:11    Inas:    You spelled the name correctly, Inas. However, I entered the session via her computer, my name is Alaa who asked the question about PMP
01:01:29    Inas:    Thank you very much for your time
01:01:38    Murray:    Thanks for this event Ray
01:03:37    Hasan:    19
01:03:38    Murray:    Murray - 39
01:03:39    Prakash:    24
01:03:40    Jasvir:    21
01:03:43    Deasún:    37
01:04:07    Inas:    33
01:05:20    Lalita:    Thank you so much Ray.
01:05:39    Ray Frohnhoefer:    All Kindle Editions just $1!
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Accidental Agile Project Manager: ASIN=B08L168NTJ
Accidental Project Manager: ASIN=B07F714CMN
Risk Assessment Framework: ASIN=B07ZML9GW5

Free, signed limited edition copy of Accidental Agile Project Manager (S&H applies)

Free Accidental Agile Project Manager PDF + Half off Fundamentals of the PROJECT Management Method (Predicitve)
01:06:06    Deasún:    Ray, the best of luck with this new book.
01:06:26    Murray:    All the best Ray!

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