Fundamentals of the PROJECT
Management Method (Predictive)

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Launch Your Career

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Course Completion eCertificate

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  • Short course can be completed in 4-12 hours (a $97 value)
  • Full access for 3 months, you keep the downloads
  • Downloadable eBook copy of Accidental Project Manager (a $10 value)
  • 9 modules, 19 videos
  • 9 quizzes to reinforce learning
  • Dozens of downloadable ready-to-use templates
  • Access to the instructor and support resources
  • Accredible eCertificate (1-click to add to LinkedIn) for viewing all videos and passing all quizzes
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Learning Objectives:

  • Don't let people cause your project to fail. Discover how to work with people to achieve project success.
  • Eliminate unnecessary project work. Identify the right project and find hidden project needs, even with difficult stakeholders.
  • Organize project scope, time, and resources into actionable plans people will want to follow.
  • Build a dream team - it's not just about what they know. Effectively work with physical and virtual teams.
  • Eliminate project issues and make execution effortless. Delegate and give feedback to optimize performance.
  • Measure project results and take corrective actions without over-steering. Provide regular updates and manage change.
  • Eliminate client rejection even if the project isn't 100%. Transform the team and be ready for the next project.


Module #0

Become A Project Hero
  • Accidental Project Manager eBook (Secure PDF)
  • Welcome Aboard, Meet Rhett Sero, & Become a Project Hero videos
  • Module 0 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • About Rhett Sero, the main character of the book
  • Definitions of key project management terms
  • The meaning of the PROJECT Methodology
  • Project Life Cycles (how Agile and Predictive differ)
Become a Project Hero
Powered by People

Module #1

Powered by People
  • Identify the Impacted, Pick the Right Team, & Communicate videos
  • Stakeholder Identification & Communication Plan Templates
  • Module 1 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • How to identify stakeholders impacted by and with power and influence over the project
  • How to choose the best project team members
  • Communications is a large part of the work of project management


Module #2

Dig for Requirements
  • Plan Your Treasure Hunt, Dig, Common Elicitation Problems, & Finding Treasure videos
  • Requirements Plan & Requirements Documentation Templates
  • Module 2 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • How to plan for requirement elicitation
  • Three key tools for eliciting requirements
  • Common requirements issues you will need to solve
  • How to organize and document requirements
Dig for Requirements
Organize Objectives

Module #3

Organize Objectives
  • Write the Recipe, Easy Estimation, Project Constraints, Risk Management, & Creating Your Milestone Plan videos
  • Risk Log & Milestone Plan Templates
  • Module 3 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • How to document project scope with a Work Breakdown Structure
  • How to estimate project for time and costs
  • How to incorporate project constraints into planning
  • A basic methodology for identifying and managing project risks
  • Documenting project plans with a milestone chart

Module #4

Jell with the Team
  • Achieve More Together, Obtain Buy-in, Manage by Influence, & Managing Virtual Teams videos
  • Project Kickoff Meeting & Virtual Team Contact Templates
  • Module 4 quiz 
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • How teams can achieve more than individuals
  • How to get team and customer buy-in
  • Secrets of managing without authority
  • Secrets of managing virtual teams
Jell with the Team
Execute Effortlessly

Module #5

Execute Effortlessly
  • Diligently Delegate, Follow Up, Give Feedback, & Hold People Accountable videos
  • Module 5 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • Secrets of effective delegation
  • How to follow up appropriately to assure work is completed
  • Methods for giving both positive and negative feedback
  • How to appropriately hold team members accountable to complete their tasks

Module #6

Control Casually
  • Measure Your Variance, Master Change, Telegraph Your Experience, & Steering videos
  • Change Request, Status Report, & Control Chart Templates
  • Module 6 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • How to create a project baseline and measure variance from it
  • Mastery of change management – dealing with requests for project changes
  • How to develop project status reports and effectively communicate status information
  • Secrets of taking the right project corrective actions
Control Casually
Transfer and Transform

Module #7

Transfer & Transform
  • White Glove, Red Carpet Treatment, Measure Your Delivery, Evaluate the Team, & Lessons Learned videos
  • Experiential assignment: project change requests
  • Lessons Learned & Team Evaluation Templates
  • Module 7 quiz
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • ​ How to deliver a completed project meeting all requirements
  • How to approach and develop team evaluations
  • How to conduct an effective Lessons Learned meeting

Module #8

Course Wrap Up
  • Continue Your Hero Journey video
  • End of Course Test
  • End of Course Survey
🛈 Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
  • Next steps in project management career development
Course Wrap Up

Bonuses Included

  • Bonus #1: Immediate access to Project Manager's Resources, a PDF Project Management reading and website list.
  • Bonus #2: Immediate access to our Careers in Project Management page, featuring a short video and a downloadable salary survey.
  • Bonus #3: Access to our exclusive Facebook members and readers only group.
  • Bonus #4: Access to our Downloads Library of more than 40 free project management templates.
  • Bonus #5: Included with the templates is our PM Framework Micro Guide, a booklet to help learn PM terminology and prepare for the CAPM Exam
  • Bonus #6: Receive our monthly email of additional project management tips and tricks from our Project Hero Blog.

Feedback From Students

Sarthak Chatterjee

The structure and delivery of course content attracted my attention. While the videos provided overall explanation of concepts, the book delved into detail along with practical examples. Not to mention, the templates were really helpful in understanding the concepts. Overall, the course is comprehensive and really suits the title of the book "Accidental Project Manager: From Zero to Hero in 7 days".  The course quickly builds up the fundamentals that are necessary for [traditional] project management. 

Kandarp Patel

To build my career in engineering and project management in North America, I am want to obtain my PMP certification in the near future. This course was a perfect start for my journey.  I really appreciate the way story of Heda and Rhett was written. I was experiencing the story in front of my eyes while reading it which helped me to understand concept easily.  I am really impressed with the content and duration of the course. 

Alaa Alsafadi

I signed up for this course because project management is important for both my work and at home.  The whole course is brief and to the point.  The "jell with the team" and the work breakdown structure (WBS) segments were of the most interest to me. I recommend this course because it teaches the fundamentals of project management and provides a solid foundation for learning more about project management.

More Student Comments

I recommend this course because the information is great to start and not unnecessarily overwhelming to new graduates. - LB

Great efforts spent in a remarkable way to put all great ideas together make this course clear and concise as the first step in project management ... thank you very much. - EN

This course was comprehensive and suitable for a wide range of disciplines. - PB

The flow of the book is very interesting and the course is short and still packed with information. - JP


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