PM Tip, Week of 23 February 2020

5 Tips for Leaders to Motivate their Teams

As a leader, you will need to manage by influence and motivate the team without full authority. Here are five tips to effectively motivate your teams:

  1. Be a good role model. Set the example you want the team to follow.
  2. Set smaller, shorter period goals. While having bigger goals is good, to drive day-to-day performance, set smaller, easier to reach goals over short periods such as days, weeks, or a month.
  3. Acknowledgment. Ranging from a "thank you" to a team outing to a quarterly performance award, acknowledge the achieved goals.
  4. Share power. Let team members lead various tasks and goals. It will let them know they are valued and prepare them for future
    leadership roles.
  5. Get to know each member better. Develop relationships which will help later when it comes time to determine task assignments and rewards. It will also help each team member feel more valued.

How do you motivate your teams? Share a tip!