PM Tip, Week of 09 February 2020

5 Tips for Project Leaders to Effectively Handle Issues

Ever work on a project where it seemed like there were constant issues? Here are some tips to both avoid getting into this state and effectively handling the issues if you do.

  1. Have a robust risk management process. Issues are risks that "happened", so proactively identifying potential issues upfront will help you avoid or manage them.
  2. Have a robust risk response planning process. A robust process will help you efficiently handle the potential, previously identified issues that do occur. It will also help you more easily form strategies to handle those issues not identified upfront.
  3. Learn a lesson from bank and airline customer service. One line, one list - avoid the temptation of multiple lists. Prioritize the issues and assign each in turn to the next available resources.
  4. Insert new issues in their priority order. Briefly review the top issues regularly to make sure priorities are still valid and that the issues still exist.
  5. The benefit of these tips: experience and research has shown that as the list of issues shrinks, customer satisfaction rises.