5 More Tips for Better Plans with MS Project

schedule management Apr 14, 2019
5 More Tips for Better Plans with MS Project

Here are some additional tips for getting better plans with MS Project:

  1. Manually scheduled tasks have shortcomings. Set up Project such that new tasks are automatically scheduled (Options>Schedule>Scheduling options for this project); use manual sparingly.
  2. As plans expand, section them out by project phase or major deliverables through space separation, changing bar colors, highlighting, etc.
  3. Project is great at Gantt charts, not so great on budgets. Focus Project on the schedule and maintain a budget in a spreadsheet or other tool.
  4. Abbrev, Abbrev, Abbrev - space is limited. Shorten column names (Predecessors --> Pred: right-click on the header, Field Settings, fill the blank Title field), use resource abbreviations (Resource Sheet), and set shortest time unit abbreviations (Options>Advanced>bisplay options for this project).
  5. Be aware Project lacks many common-sense business rules. Examples: changing start date will not adjust constraint dates (better: always use As Soon As Possible). Documenting a 4x10 work schedule is possible, but Project uses the calendar set up (Options>Schedule>Calendar options) when computing dates (the 4x10 schedule is just documentation).

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