Hi, I'm Ray

I am am international bestselling author, educator, and Managing Partner of PPC Group, LLC.

I have a passion for helping new and aspiring project managers launch their careers.  My recent books, Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days and Risk Assessment Framework: Successfully Navigating Uncertainty, help project managers quickly learn the essential skills they need to start or refresh their careers.

I'm an international program management consultant, speaker, and educator with 35 years of experience managing projects, programs, and portfolios in multiple industries.

For the last 17 years, I've been teaching, training, and mentoring project management students from around the world via online and in-class courses. I work with educational institutions such as UC San Diego Extension and California Southern University.  Recent corporate clients have included Breg, Cymer, San Diego County Water Authority, and the US Navy.

My personal mission is to help individuals and organizations improve their practices of project, program, and portfolio management and many of my educational and consulting engagements focus on accidental, new, and aspiring project managers.

My strengths include training, development of innovative frameworks and methodologies, conflict resolution, maturity assessment, and strategic planning.

I hope you will join me soon in an online learning experience.  More courses, books, and other offerings will be coming soon.

About PPC Group, LLC

With over 35 years of experience with Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (PPPM), Precise Projects Consulting (PPC) Group helps improve and sustain growth through implementation of continuous improvement of PPPM. We do this through training, aided by publications and technology, and consulting. We focus on scalable frameworks, discipline, and results you need to reach the next level.

Core Competencies

  • Training
  • Scalable Frameworks
  • Methodology Development
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Strategic Planning



PPC Group, LLC helps improve and sustain growth through project management training and consulting.  We focus on scalable frameworks, discipline, and the results you need to reach the next level.


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